The Vineyard

Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland: Extending God’s kingdom together, everywhere and in every way.

Hope Vineyard Church Oxford was planted out of Trent Vineyard Church, Nottingham.


Why a new church?

A new church gives an opportunity for new people to join in. 

New start-up churches are often called church plants, which start small and grow in a new location. Our aim is to be a catalyst for hope in Oxford and the surrounding area.

Vineyard Churches (UK & Ire.)

The year we began

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What is a vineyard church?

The name Vineyard comes from a Biblical symbol, used to describe God’s ongoing care for His people

Hope Vineyard is part of the movement of Vineyard Churches (Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland – VCUKI), which is part of the wider Christian church. We are a church and also a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered with the Charity Commission and overseen by a Board of Trustees. (Charity No 1173765).

We belong to the Love Oxford network of churches and are members of the Evangelical Alliance. 

To find out more about our priorities, history and theology as a movement of churches (including the VCUKI statement of faith) head to the VCUKI website using the link below