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    The adventure of extravagant giving

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    The adventure of extravagant giving

Small Steps

On 12th July 2020 we had a gift day to develop an empty retail unit in Templars Square Shopping Centre from which to run compassion initiatives to serve the community as well as a venue for church gatherings. 

It’s an incredible story of generosity on the gift day and of the £15000 that was needed to get the project going, £16646.25 was given, which when we gifted 10% as we’d pledged left us with almost exactly £15ooo! The invitation is for more people to get involved. This next phase of raising funds is to help run and recruit and train volunteers for Small Steps (hopeoxford.org/smallsteps).

If you are part of Hope Vineyard and didn’t get the chance to join in our gift day, or feel you would like to support this initiative, we would love to invite you to join us as we give financially to this exciting new chapter. Do pray about the amount to give.

Motivated by God’s generosity and compassion, we want to ‘excel in the gift of giving’, (2 Corinthians 8:7) confident that this is His plan and we are in His hands.

To donate to ‘Small Steps’, click on the donate image below, and select the ‘Small Steps’ option on the drop down list.

Click the picture or the ‘find out more’ button below for all the details about the project, the sums involved, how to get involved and how to give. (Links are also embedded within this next page)

The Giving Adventure

You may simply have seen what we do in the community and want to donate to help us reach out and share hope in the Oxford area, and oversees too. If that’s you, then thank you! There’s a link below to donate.

However, if you want to know more about our perspective on the adventure of giving, read on. Receiving is fun, but giving can be even better. Why is that? Jesus taught that God designed us to enjoy contributing to His purposes on earth.

It’s in our DNA. 

There is no central fund, and we are primarily funded by the generosity of people who call Hope Vineyard their home. Giving is never required of anyone who wants to be involved. Our prayer is that we don’t give out of manipulation or guilt, but joyfully as part of the adventure of living God’s way.

Thank you for exploring giving. There is a ‘Donate‘ link at the bottom of the page. You may wish to make a one off gift, but if you’re considering regular giving, here are 4 principals that we have found helpful. 


All our resources, including our money come from God. Giving to our church family is an act of worship, and acknowledges God is God of everything. Willingly giving God our best makes Him smile.


Giving of our money says a lot about where our passion and priorities lie. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” – Jesus Christ. God notices when we give to His Kingdom work through the church. What’s more, we are investing in seeing lives changed and communities restored.


We love an outrageously generous God. We see this in Jesus, in Bible examples, and in our lives. We want to imitate this in the way we give financially. Generous giving overflows in response to what God has first given us. In turn, our church can also demonstrate this extravagant generosity to others.


God entrusts resources to us; money, energy, time. Just like taking time out to rest, giving financially causes us to trust God and put faith into action. This is why we appoint leaders that give regularly, as it demonstrates dependence on God.

Historically, God tasked His followers to give 10% of their produce/income, as an act of trust. Jesus taught that whether people give from relative riches or relative poverty, what matters most to God is that our heart posture is one of trust.

How do I give?

Step 1: Decide what to give.

We’d encourage you to pray and ask God what to give. The Bible talks about a tithe, which is 10% of income and this is a good place to start. We encourage each other to give regularly, generously and joyfully .

Step 2: Choose how to give.

The best and most straightforward way for you and the church is to set up a direct debit through the church website, via ‘ChurchSuite’, which is accessed by pressing the donate button, or the web address below. This includes a gift aid declaration (where applicable), which allows Hope Vineyard, as a charity, to reclaim 25p on every £1 given.


For other ways to give or if you have questions, please e-mail finance@hopeoxford.org

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