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    a new Vineyard church in Oxford and the surrounding area

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    a new Vineyard church in Oxford and the surrounding area

Who We Are

About us

We are a new church in the Oxford area; a group of people inspired by Jesus. We want to care about the things he cared about: justice for the outsider, living generously, paying attention to the people right in front of us, living unhurried yet productive lives.

The invitation is open to everyone whether you know this Jesus or not. Your background, age, questions and doubts are not a barrier to us. We want to connect with anyone sceptical of religion but intrigued by the idea of a God who knows, cares and has great plans for our lives.

Josh and Katie Kay (Leaders, Hope Vineyard, est.2017)


Sundays Location

Sundays look slightly different each week for Hope Vineyard Church Oxford. We have ‘Breakfast Club’ on alternate Sunday mornings (2nd and 4th), where we create a safe place for children 0-11 to bring parents/ carers/ older siblings to explore and discover God’s love through food and fun times. (9:30am, Flo’s Nursery, Florence Park, near Cowley, Oxford OX4 3JZ)
Sunday Night Church is on alternate Sunday evenings (1st and 3rd). We meet as adults in Flo’s Café, Florence Park, near Cowley, Oxford, OX4 3HZ, between 7:45pm – 9:30pm. We make space to slow down and connect with God. It’s a relaxed feel with snacks, good coffee, a time of worship, a short talk based on the Bible and an opportunity for prayer.

From September 2019, on a monthly basis, young people (11+) are welcome to come and get involved in a programme of activities running alongside the adult’s gathering.

In term time, on the Sundays between Sunday Night Church, we have something just for students and Young Adults at East Oxford Community Centre. We gather to do and share life together, grow in intimacy with God and get to know each other, eat snacks and have a good time.

As well as ‘Finding Home’ on Sundays, ‘Sharing Hope’ is a central part of our vision. Each month we have socials or a hope in action event, which is usually on the weekend of the 3rd Sunday of the month. See the rhythm section below to find out what makes up an average month in this phase of starting up a new church in Oxford and the surrounding area.
The What’s On section and Calendar show what’s coming up. Bring whatever you have and join in the opportunities we have to find your place, and make a difference both locally and abroad.

A Snapshot

What’s on? You can see dates for regular events and socials in the what’s on section, click on menu (or ), see top right of screen.
Facebook? We’re on facebook, so to see what’s happening/happened like our page @HopeVineyardOxford.
Instagram? Our Instagram page links to photos of events and things we’ve been up to. The most recent pictures are below. To keep up to date, follow us on Instagram @hopeoxford.

Our Rhythm

What we do is open to everyone. For those wanting to explore becoming part of Hope Vineyard Church Oxford and practising a life with Jesus, we’d encourage you to join us in this rhythm, and over a month you’ll get a sense of what it’s like to be involved.

Sundays 9:30-11am

(2nd & 4th Sunday each month)

The focus is for children (aged 0-12) to bring their parents/carers to enjoy coffee, fruit and pastries, and have the opportunity to play and experience God’s love.

Flo’s in Florence Park, near Cowley, Oxford, (OX4 3JZ)

Sunday evenings 7:45-9:30pm

(1st & 3rd Sunday each month)

Explore faith and experience God through conversations with friends, prayer, music, a short talk, good coffee and snacks. 

Flo’s Cafe, Florence Park, near Cowley, Oxford, (OX4 3JZ)

Wednesday evenings or Weekends

(2nd & 4th Wednesday or on Breakfast Club weekends)

Here we share life’s ups and downs, and practice doing the things Jesus did; sharing food, talking about life and God, and praying for each other.

Contact us for Locations [Wednesday and Weekend (Oxford), and Students/Young Adults (G&Ds, Cowley Rd)]

(Alternate weekend of 3rd Sunday each month)

We enjoy catching up and inviting new people to join in. Open up your diary or calendar, and come along. See ‘What’s On’ section for details.

Jesus rested, was ready and willing to do the work God gave him, and spent time catching up with friends. We are committed to helping each other develop a personal rhythm of rest, activity and play so that we thrive.

(Alternate weekend of 3rd Sunday each month)

We respond to needs locally and further afield. If you’d like to be a part of this, or have seen a way for us to bring hope in a practical way, then please get in touch.





What’s on? You can see dates for the next regular events and socials. Click on an event below to find out more.
Getting organised? What’s going on in the following months can be seen in the calendar below to add dates to your diary.

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