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 ‘Vision Sunday’ – 12th May 2024 (we do this each year) (2 Videos)

A Journey Through Lamentations (3 Videos)

Are we ready for the King?

2 Peter – Spiritual Growth (3 Videos)

The Clash of Two Kingdoms (4 Videos)

Advent (03.12.2023)

Whole Life Worship

The Book of Daniel

Vision Sunday 2023 


The Gospel of John

Why Church?


New Season


Vision Sunday 2022

Resurrection of Jesus

All People




The Gospel of Mark

Earth Care

GENESIS – Beauty, Brokenness, Blessing

Singleness, Sex and Marriage

SPIRITUAL PRACTICES – Silence & Solitude

Action Packed Acts

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A Diverse Church

Alareen Farrell, Josh Kay and Olu Meduoye

At the Vineyard Leaders’ Gathering 2022 in Nottingham,  Alareen Farrell, Josh Kay and Olu Meduoye were invited to continue the important conversation on how to become more ethnically diverse communities.

Read more on VCUKI – website. The link takes you to another website.

embracing Racial diversity (talk Series).

Here are links to a series of talks Josh contributed to at Trent Vineyard, Nottingham.

John Wright

Part 1: Every Nation, Every Tribe

John Wright

Part 2: Every Nation, Every Tribe

Josh Kay

Part 3: Every Nation, Every Tribe

Read more on the Trent Vineyard – Every Nation website. The link takes you to another website.

Compassion: Mobilising the community

This was a seminar hosted by Josh at the Vineyard National Gathering, 2021