What does it mean to have ‘faith in God’?

Do you have questions about your purpose or direction in life?

Have you ever wondered whether God could make a difference?

The Big Story

The ‘Big Story’ is an attempt to explain how Jesus changes our world view… and it’s only 3 minutes long.

It was written by James Choung. Josh (who leads Hope Vineyard with Katie) recorded a new version (Part 1) for our livestream on 19th July 2020, and the second video (Part 2) is James’ original (click the hamburger menu on the right of the video to choose Part 2).

The alpha Course

The Alpha Course is a great place to bring questions, share your experience, and discuss with others who are also exploring these questions.

We do this course over 3 months and each week a different theme is explored through some thought provoking videos. There’s plenty of time for discussion and we hope to create a relaxed and open environment where everyone is free to share their thoughts and experiences. 

We have run courses both online and in person. If you’d like to hear more or express interest in attending the next course, then get in touch. 

Alpha Course Opportunities at Hope Vineayrd Oxford
This video explains more, and Jen (who is part of Hope Vineyard) shares her experience.

If you’d appreciate a conversation, or you’d like to find out how to join a current Alpha Course, do get in touch.