Our pre-school group for babies and toddlers

(10:30-11:30am, on the1st Wednesday of the month)

‘Bags of Fun’

Welcome to our community for pre-schoolers.

‘Bags of Fun’ started in October 2019, when we set up some toys in the middle of the shopping centre with free crafts and a song and story time for pre-school children and their parents/carers that were passing by.

Our motto was ‘have fun, make friends’, and that’s exactly what happened. With March 2020 came the new challenges of lockdown. However we have since re-emerged more determined than ever to create opportunities for children to interact with their parents/carers, and where safe, and rules allow, with each other. 

“It was so nice to meet other children and families again.”

We’ve changed how we can run, and adapting with guidelines. It’s helpful if you can sign up through the ‘What’s On’ page, but space allowing, passers by can join in too. 

If you or a local family you know would value being a part of this group, then sign up, or get in touch if you would like to know any more. Thanks.

(It’s all free)