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“Hope Vineyard is a new charity and church that began in 2017 when we moved from Nottingham to Oxford, a city we love full of diversity and colour.

We hoped to gather a group of people who valued compassion, justice, generosity, and were keen to encourage each other to live unhurried lives full of purpose and meaning. We’re excited that Hope Vineyard is growing to become a community that practices living in this way. In the past few years, we’ve had some incredible opportunities to make a difference in the lives of each other and the world around us, and we want do do whatever we can so that this can continue.

Our inspiration is Jesus, but you are invited to be a part of things whether you know anything about Jesus or not. There are no barriers to you finding home with us. Regardless of your age, background, questions or doubts; if you’re curious about the idea of a God who cares and has plans for you or you simply want to be part of making a difference in your community, then get in touch. 

We’d love to hear from you.”

Josh and Katie (Leaders, Hope Vineyard, est.2017)


Our Values 

Put together, our values spell ‘SPACE’

S Share whatever we can (with people both home and abroad)

P Prioritise friendship (both inside and outside of Hope Vineyard)

A Acknowledge God in all things

C Creatively present Jesus (in ways that are meaningful in our culture)

EEveryone gets to play (we value everyone’s contribution and we all can grow)

Our Vision

 ” We are a new Christian Church, passionate about every community within and around Oxford experiencing God’s transforming love and power as people come into contact with inspired apprentices of Jesus. “


We exist to create opportunities for people to; Encounter Jesus, Be transformed and Transform the world. 

Why a new church?

A new church gives an opportunity for new people to join in. 

New start-up churches are often called church plants, which start small and grow in a new location. The Vineyard Movement of churches are known for starting  or ‘planting’ new churches. 

Our aim is to be a catalyst for hope in Oxford.

Vineyard Churches (UK & Ire.)

The year we began

Volunteers in Team Hope

People in Oxford

What is a vineyard church?

The name Vineyard comes from a Biblical symbol, used to describe God’s ongoing care for His people

Hope Vineyard is part of the movement of Vineyard churches (VCUK&I), which is part of the wider Christian church.

We belong to the Love Oxford network of churches and are members of the Evangelical Alliance. 

We are registered with the Charity Commission and overseen by a Board of Trustees. (Charity No 1173765).

How Is this inspired by Jesus?

Have you ever asked, is there more to life than this?

We all live and die, but have you ever wondered whether there is any meaning to all this? Is there a god, and if so does that change anything?

If you’ve ever found yourself asking these kind of questions, then have a look at the ‘Big Story’ video. We have found it helpful as an attempt to explain how Jesus changes our world view… and it’s only 3 minutes long!

The ‘Big Story’ explanation was written by James Choung. Josh (who leads Hope Vineyard with Katie) recorded a new version (Part 1) for our livestream on 19th July 2020, and the second video (Part 2) is James’ original.

At Hope we create opportunities to find out more about Jesus, and experience how living the way he did gives a new purpose and meaning. 

If you’d like to hear more about this way of living, then join us on the ‘Alpha Course’. It is a great place to bring questions, share your experience, and discuss with others who are also exploring these life questions. The video explains more, and Jen (who is part of Hope Vineyard) explains her experience.

If you’d appreciate a conversation, or to find out how to join an Alpha Course, do get in touch.

Meet Some of the team

We have a team of people who volunteer in life groups, worship, media, payroll, prayer, jobs within the community and more. We are so thankful to everyone who brings whatever they have, to serve God with us at Hope.


loves systems! Trained as a physio, and in the distant past played rugby, Josh leads together with Katie in pastoral and strategic oversight. He also works part-time doing disability assessments. 

Contact josh.kay@hopeoxford.org



has a number of different jobs. Half a day book-keeping  (finance@hopeoxford.org), and administration at Hope, working in a nursery, and also volunteering to help bring vision to all things kids/family related. Her passion for seeing children thrive and know Jesus is infectious.

Contact ruth.gardiner@hopeoxford.org


is never still for long enough to drink a cuppa… but loves one. Big heart, big smile and a huge love for students and Jesus. She works for Fusion student movement, and gives one day a week to Hope.

Contact funmi.akinola@hopeoxford.org  


loves people and anything beautiful. She enjoys writing and communicating with people. She leads Hope Vineyard with Josh and works part-time as a counsellor with children.

Contact katie.kay@hopeoxford.org


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