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We are one of many great churches and charities in Oxford.

We’d welcome you to explore what motivates us and our vision for the future.


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“Hope Oxford is a new charity and ‘Vineyard’ church that began in 2017 when we moved from Nottingham to Oxford, a city we love full of diversity and colour.

We hoped to gather a group of people who valued compassion, justice, generosity, and keen to encourage each other to live unhurried lives full of purpose and meaning. We’re excited that Hope Vineyard is growing to become a community that practices living in this way.

Our inspiration is Jesus, but you are invited to be a part of things whether you know anything about Jesus or not. There are no barriers to you finding home with us. Regardless of your age, background, questions or doubts; if you’re curious about the idea of a God who cares and has plans for you or you simply want to be part of making a difference in your community, then get in touch. 

We’d love to hear from you.”

Josh and Katie (Leaders, Hope Vineyard, est.2017)


Our Values 

Put together, our values spell ‘SPACE’

S Share whatever we can (with people both home and abroad)

P Prioritise friendship (both inside and outside of Hope Vineyard)

A Acknowledge God in all things

C Creatively present Jesus (in ways that are meaningful in our culture)

EEveryone gets to play (we value everyone’s contribution and we all can grow)

Our Vision

” We are a new Christian Church, passionate about every community within and around Oxford experiencing God’s transforming love and power as people come into contact with inspired apprentices of Jesus. “


We exist to create opportunities for people to; Encounter Jesus, Be transformed and Transform the world. 

The vineyard and Church Planting

Hope Vineyard Church Oxford is part of Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland (VCUKI) and is a church plant from Trent Vineyard, Nottingham.

Use the link to find out more about Vineyard Churches and church planting. 

What next?

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