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Our Purpose

Hope Vineyard Church Oxford Purpose and Vision and Values

“We are a new Christian church, passionate about every community within and around Oxford experiencing God’s transforming love and power as people come into contact with inspired apprentices of Jesus.”

But we don’t do this alone; we join many Christian church communities in the area. The reason for starting Hope Vineyard is that a new church gives an opportunity for new people to join in. If you are not connected to a community like us, you’re invited.

Our Story

In the summer of 2017, we packed our bags and moved from Nottingham to Oxford along with our children. We sensed God was speaking to us about forming a new church community in this area where we both had strong family connections, but had never called home. This short video clip shares our adventure and the beginnings of this new community.
Together with those that have joined us, we have started a small new charity and Christian church that wants to make a difference in and around Oxford. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in with any of the things we do. From activities to help meet local needs, parties and social events, to encouraging the spiritual side of the community and sharing the positive impact it has on our lives; our hope is that everyone can find their place.

What’s important to us

Values are ‘caught not taught’. We think seeing values in action is the best way, so come along and experience them. These values are an attempt to model our community on the life that Jesus lived.

making ‘space’

Our 5 key values spell the word space.

S: Share whatever we can

… and do this humbly and with compassion, sharing our time, money and skills with people both near and far away.

P: Prioritise friendship

… both inside and outside the Christian church community. We want to love people well as God loves us and we appreciate that together we can do things we wouldn’t have attempted by ourselves.

A: Acknowledge God in all things

Our lives are better in so many ways when we put God at the centre. We will pray, worship and thank him, grow in understanding what the Bible has to say about living life, and learn to listen to him guide us in our daily lives.

C: Creatively present Jesus

We believe the message of Jesus is as relevant now as it ever has been. But we want to creatively re-imagine how we present Jesus in ways which are meaningful within our current culture and context.

E: Everyone gets to play

Everyone of us has strengths, gifts and God given potential. And we want church to be a place where everyone’s contribution is valued and where there are opportunities for these gifts to be developed.

Before moving to Oxford, we’d both been part of a Vineyard church for 15 years.
There are over 2500 Vineyard churches worldwide with over 120 Vineyard Churches in the UK and Ireland. The name Vineyard has been given to the first churches in this movement as the Biblical symbol of a vineyard is essentially one of hope. It is often used to describe God’s continued care for his people. The Vineyard Movement is part of the wider Christian church, and Hope Vineyard is a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

How are we funded?

Financial giving is never required of anyone who wants to be involved with us. We use our resources to encourage and bring hope to many who are outside of our community.
Practically there is no central Vineyard fund. We are a charity that is entirely funded by the generous financial support of people who call Hope Vineyard their home. If you would like to give regularly or make a one-off gift, please press the donate button below.

(For questions about giving, please email giving@

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