Sundays with Hope

Are you curious about faith? Looking for a church to call home? 

We’d love to meet you

If you’d like to chat beforehand, either virtually or in person, just let us know.

On Sundays, we have a rhythm that alternates; ‘Sunday Church’ is on the 1st and 3rd Sunday(s) of the month, and ‘Sunday Choice’ is on the 2nd and 4th Sunday(s). This is explained below.

Sunday Church (1st and 3rd sundays)

(This is in person at Templars Square: 39-41 Pound Way, OX4 3XX)

(10:20am) Hope Kids (children + carer/s) – UPSTAIRS

Our children (age 5-11) get the chance to engage with stories and a whole range of activities and games centered around an inspiring Bible theme. Given current restrictions, at least one of their parents/carers will accompany children. Wherever possible the theme in Hope Kids and the talk for the adults will be the similar so families can continue to reflect on how God has spoken to them together. (sadly our current venue requires kids/carers to be able to get upstairs, and there is no disabled access)

(10:30am) Sunday Church starts. – DOWNSTAIRS

After updates and reflections on recent events, there’s a talk. It’s purpose is to bring life from the Bible, share experiences, and apply the teachings of Jesus to our everyday lives. 

Although we can’t sing together, we also have a time of worship together, led by musicians and other creatives as a whole community, both adults and kids together.

(11:30am) Say Hello…  and one day we’ll do coffee!

We aren’t currently doing refreshments physically, but we hope people leave refreshed in every other sense. In time we may have take away drinks on the way out. Our hope is informally we will have a culture where we can leave in groups of 2 households/ rule of 6, as restrictions allow, to catch up for a coffee outdoors.

It’s a privilege to serve each other, and our Host Team’s purpose is to help with setup and to welcome people as they arrive. We have a rota for our Host Team so that people sign up on a monthly basis. We’re encouraged by everyone that joins ‘Team Hope’, so if you’d like to get involved then use the link below to get in touch.

Sunday Choice (2ND and 4th sundays)

(This is in person at Templars Square: 39-41 Pound Way, OX4 3XX)

If you care for a child under the age of 11, we’d love you to join us for Sunday Club (Previously ‘Breakfast Club’).

Our aim is to welcome and treat every child and adult as special and to include you in a friendly and supportive community. Sunday Club is all about giving children the opportunity to explore God’s big story for the world and their lives through activities and games. The invitation is open to anyone, whether or not you’re new to God and faith.

Start time: 10:30am (Downstairs)

We gather to do a variety of things together, such as practically serve the needs of local people, or doing something social or active together. We want to be able to invite new people into a relaxed environment where we can do something good together, and meet others at the same time.

We are keen this is an non-judgmental setting, where we can share experiences and hear from others in an inclusive way. No one will tell you what to think, rather we hope to develop a community with a deep acceptance and respect for each other.

(Sadly if the Gathering is using the space in our current venue, there is no disabled access)

Start time: 10:30am (Upstairs & sometimes Elsewhere)

We might be small but we are passionate about young people and engaging them in exploring and practicing the way Jesus lived. We’re excited to be starting a new gathering for young people, year 6 to 9, initially with older youth able to help out. We want to create a safe place where questions about God and life are encouraged. There’ll also be lots of fun (as that’s important!) and we want to engage young people in shaping these gatherings and making them a highlight, something they’d want to invite their friends to.

If you, like us, love young people we’d love to hear from you as we look to develop a team. (Text 07971828408 or complete the ‘make a difference’ form)

4pm (contact us for more information)

Just to recap… 

10:30am: On the 1st and the 3rd Sunday of the month (Weeks 1 and 3), we have Sunday Church.*

10:30am: On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month (Weeks 2 and 4), we have ‘Sunday Choice’.

4pm: We also have a youth gathering for our young people (Year 6 – upwards) on Week 2 and 4.

(For the link to our YouTube Channel, see:

(* Due to restrictions on internet connectivity at Templars Square, and our limited resources, we are currently working out how to enable those who want to connect with Hope Vineyard online to continue to do this, and for those of us working shifts, shielding or self-isolating to be able to connect. We are making plans to continue livestreaming Sunday Church on our YouTube channel, all being well, but bear with us as we work this out together. If you would like to help with our media team, please e-mail Your support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.)


Information Desk

Here are the virtual versions of our printable leaflets. We hope these will give you a flavour for who we are, and how you can get involved. Click on the picture to take a look.