Students At Hope

Welcome to Oxford, the best city ever! (& yes we’re biased)

Welcome Students

Hi students welcome to Hope Oxford!

We are a community inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus and are passionate about compassion, justice, pursuing wholeness, living generous lives, creativity and God’s love for everyone. We gather as a family of different ages, cultures and experiences and we seek to encourage each other to live lives full of purpose and meaning as we journey together in this wild and precious lives. Whether you’re a fresher or have been in Oxford for a while, are curious about faith or have been a Christian for a long time we would love to welcome you into the Hope Oxford family.

Student Sundays

We gather as a church community on Sundays and catch up after… in Student Life Group.

On Sundays we gather with others as a church community for Sunday Service and Sunday Breakfast at 10:30AM. The Sunday Service is where we can sing songs of worship to God, pray together and listen to a talk from the bible. At Sunday Breakfast (10am) we gather over tables to feast with one another and dialogue. Afterwards, it’s all about connection time for students – Life Groups!

Student Outreach

We believe in a generous God who loves everyone and a fin and welcoming God who radically invites people into community.

We love to give good gifts to students and party. Through this we want to demonstrate God’s care, love and welcome for all students. In the last year, we gave out well-being packs, knocked on doors of students to offer prayer and hosted graduation celebrations in the park.

Students @ Alpha

Questions, questions everywhere, but no space to think?

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to ask the big questions of life: What is my purpose? What happens when I die? Why is there suffering? 

If you’ve got questions, you’re not alone. Alpha is a space where you get together with others to watch a series of short episodes covering some of the big questions around the Christian faith such as Who is Jesus?, How and why do people pray? and What’s the meaning of life? – and then have a chat about it. It is a chance to explore life, faith and meaning in a fun, non-pressurised environment that is open to everyone!