Students At Hope

Welcome to Oxford, the best city ever! (& yes we’re biased)

Welcome Students

Hi students welcome to Hope Oxford!

We are a community inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus and are passionate about compassion, justice, pursuing wholeness, living generous lives, creativity and God’s love for everyone. We gather as a family of different ages, cultures and experiences and we look to encourage each other to live lives full of purpose and meaning as we journey together in this wild and precious lives. Whether you’re a fresher or have been in Oxford for a while, are curious about faith or have been a Christian for a long time we would love to welcome you into the Hope Oxford family.

Students at Hope

We gather as a church community on Sundays and mid-week in Life Group.

On Sundays join us in the market place at Templars Square Shopping Centre, where we share hospitality and worship God in the hub of the community in the heart of Cowley.

We also get together on Wednesday evenings for Life Group where we prioritise friendship, the presence of God and encouraging one another to practice living like Jesus did.

Student Outreach

We believe in a radically generous God who loves everyone and invites us all into community.

We love to give good gifts to students and party. Through this we want to demonstrate God’s care, love and welcome for all students. Over the last few years, we’ve given out well-being packs, free ice-cream, hosted graduation celebrations in the park, spread out a banqueting table in the great outdoors and knocked on front doors of students to offer prayer and token gifts to share God’s love. If you’d like to join us as as we go on this adventure together, we’d love to hear from you!