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What Can I do?

Everyone is gifted, has skills, and something to offer.

Life is best enjoyed when we use our strengths, try new things out and contribute to the good of the whole. 

We’re excited about you helping us make a difference to Oxford and beyond.

Volunteer to Serve

We have more energy to serve if we enjoy what we’re doing, which means it helps for us to know a little about you.

So that we can do a better job of matching you with areas where we need help please, complete the online form. Thanks!!


We think Hope Vineyard is a good thing and we’d like our friends to discover that too. With social events, giving practical support, and exploring faith in God, there is a place for everyone to join in.

Who do you know that might be interested? 


We funded by the generosity of people who call Hope Vineyard their home, as there is no central fund. Giving is never required of anyone who wants to be involved. There is no place for giving out of manipulation or guilt. 

‘The Giving Adventure’ booklet explains our inspiration for generosity and why we give to the local church.

For regular and one-off gifts to Hope Vineyard Oxford, here’s the link to our secure donate page:


 Tuesdays 7-7:30am 

Every Tuesday, we gather online to pray for the major justice issues of our time, such as the climate emergency, racial injustice and local and global poverty. (It is a voice-only zoom call, so no need to worry about having bed hair!)

We’d love you to join us (no previous prayer experience necessary.). Email for the details.

Children’s clothes and equipment resource.

Sometimes life can be tough…

Some families in and around Oxford are experiencing significant hardship. This has only intensified with the cornonavirus outbreak. Many more have lost or will lose jobs and livelihoods, with a number under great financial and emotional strain.

Right now we need each other more than ever. During lockdown we have seen incredible community spirit and together we can make a difference. 

Hope Vineyard exists for all people. We are passionate about helping to alleviate the devastating effects of poverty on local people. We’re launching our first community focused initiative, Small Steps, from our new home at Templars Square Shopping Centre. Good quality new and second hand children’s clothes and equipment will be available to families that need it.

Use the following link to find out how you be a part of creating change in people’s lives through ‘Small Steps’.


A Little story

Back in October 2019, we were looking at some of ‘Jesus’ Stories’ in our Sunday gatherings. Rather than simply hear about the story of the ‘wedding banquet’ (found in the Bible in Matthew chapter 22), we decided to live it out.

This video documents the adventure we had, how we were touched by the generosity of local people and businesses, and were able to demonstrate God’s generosity and open invitation.

Hope Projects – The Future

We have an incredible opportunity to demonstrate love in action and serve the needs within our community through our new home at Templars Square Shopping Centre.

This video is also on the Home page. It’s worth a  watch as it tells the story of God’s involvement in the journey of acquiring our new home. 

Small Steps is the first of what we hope will be many initiatives that love and bring life to the Oxford area.

You can help out through donating items, volunteering with us, and helping us raise the funds.

Step into A New chapter

If you would like to arrange a time to chat or have a virtual conversation to find out how you can use your skills and energy to make a difference, please…