Donate – Do Something Great

Living Generously

We have found that generosity is often a value shared whether or not people are inspired by Jesus. This is why everyone is welcome to join us on this adventure through giving financially.

Additionally, for those wanting to follow the example of Jesus, regular financial giving is an invitation into knowing God more closely and living more freely. Jesus taught that whether we give from our relative poverty or riches, what matters most our heart posture, and we do it cheerfully.

Giving has 4 functions: it is an act of trust, of worship, of generosity and of investment in God’s purposes.  Hope Vineyard is entirely funded by those who generously give.

Thank you!

How do I start giving?

1: We’d encourage you to pray and ask God what to give. The bible talks about ‘tithing’ 10%, which is a good place to start

2: Giving through this webpage uses our church database (ChurchSuite), which can include a gift aid declaration to enable Hope Vineyard as a charity, to reclaim 25p on every £1 given. For other ways to give send us an email using the link below.