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Find out more about mid-week groups, why we think they’re important and how to get involved. 

Why Life groups?

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

Mother Teresa

We’re not meant to be alone. We have a basic need for friendship and Jesus taught that God designed us this way. It’s in our Life Groups that we make time for each other, we share the ups and downs and  practice living the way that Jesus did. These smaller groups of people meet regularly mid-week. As we grow we hope to begin more and make them increasingly geographically based so they are easy to access and can focus on reaching out and serving their local area.

If you’re exploring being a part of Hope we’d recommend you try one out as soon as possible. We say ‘find home, share hope’. It begins here, welcome home.


Being a student is exciting, challenging and potentially life changing. We would love to connect with you.

Your time at University is an adventure and it’s likely the years you spend as a student will be some of the most formative of your life. At Hope Vineyard, we love students and are here with open arms ready to welcome, support and cheer you on as you journey through your time as a student in Oxford. 

We want every student to experience God’s transforming love and power whatever their background. Maybe you’re new to God and just beginning to ask big questions about your place in the world or you’d describe yourself as a Christian looking for a church to call home. Either way you’re welcome. We’d love you to find home here with us at Hope as we practice loving God, loving others and living authentic lives inspired by Jesus.

We have a dedicated Instagram page for students @hopeoxfordstudents where you can catch up with what’s been going on and what’s coming up. Here you’ll find details of our student life group, as well as other gatherings, events and news.

Funmi would love to meet you for a virtual or face to face coffee and chat. She heads up our support for students and is passionate about practicing the way of Jesus and equipping students to do the same. She also works for the national student movement, Fusion.

If you’re considering becoming part of the family here at Hope or you’re just curious about who we are, get connected and drop us an email at students@hopeoxford.org

What a gift!

God loves children and we do too with ‘Hope Kids’. We want children and their families to know how valuable they are.

Jesus is clear that children and young people are important to God and are to be as involved as adults in enjoying and sharing his love.

Through Hope Kids and Sunday Club, we want to champion children and their families by providing opportunities for them to experience God for themselves and to be equipped with all they need to reach their God-given potential.

Parents/carers are the most important people children need in order to thrive emotionally, physically and spiritually. We appreciate bringing up and nurturing children is far from easy and we want to do all we can to support you in this most important of roles. We also want to create opportunities for parents/carers and children who may be new to God to experience what life with him looks like. We hope that our fortnightly Sunday Club provides one such opportunity and Hope Kids supports families to engage together and be inspired to live life to the full.

Join us on Sundays, or get in touch to say hello and ask a question by emailing: hello@hopeoxford.org. Alternatively email Ruth directly who coordinates the kids activities (ruth.gardiner@hopeoxford.org).

Our pre-school group for babies and toddlers

(10:30-11:30am, on the1st Wednesday of the month)

‘Bags of fun’

Welcome to our community for pre-schoolers.

‘Bags of Fun’ started in October 2019, when we set up some toys in the middle of the shopping centre with free crafts and a song and story time for pre-school children and their parents/carers that were passing by.

Our motto was ‘have fun, make friends’, and that’s exactly what happened. With March 2020 came the new challenges of lockdown. However we have since re-emerged more determined than ever to create opportunities for children to interact with their parents/carers, and where safe, and rules allow, with each other. 

“It was so nice to meet other children and families again.”

Given the limitations of our venue capacity, we’ve changed how we can run, with a limit of 10 families. We have been meeting since May 2021, and our last session will be in July. From Autumn 2021, we will be gathering a group that comes together for 4 sessions over 4 months. After this time, we will review this to make space for more children to benefit from gathering in person.

If you or a local family you know would value being a part of this group, then book online, on our home page, or get in touch to express an interest for Autumn 2021. 

(It’s all free)

Signed up


Find Home,

Share hope

At our core we want to make a difference, a group of people who demonstrate God’s generosity and love to those around them.

There are 4 things that will contribute to your sense of belonging in the Hope family. They enable us to feel known, valued and when we give our talents, time, and income, we find purpose as we pool our resources to share hope in the wider community. 

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