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We’re back on 6th September with Church Online

(1st and 3rd Sundays of the Month)

Church Online (Sundays-10:30am)

Although we may be socially distancing, that doesn’t change the fact that Hope Vineyard is all about people and creating community. The difference is now we’re having to be creative and make the most of catching up virtually.

Starting in June 2020, until the summer break, on Sundays at 10:30am we’re introducing weekly Online Church.

It’s for all ages, with a break out time for children with activities to do with parents/carers during the adults talk, before the fun of Coffee Lounge. This happens straight after church and allows us to catch up with new friends and old.

Whether you’re curious about faith or looking for a church to call home, we’d love to meet you. If you’d like to meet up before hand, simply send us a message (click on the button below), and we can then make that happen.

Get ready! (10:20am)

Whenever we are going live, our direct live-stream link is here! (connect live online)

10:20am, get set-up online, nip to the loo, grab a drink, get comfy.

For Adults (10:30am)

The morning will include updates, we have music we can sing along to wherever we’re watching, with words that help us focus on God.

After this, someone will share a talk they’ve prepared, reflecting on life in our everyday context, and how we can gain inspiration from the life of Jesus and what is written in the bible.

Coffee lounge will begin at 11:30am. 

If you would like prayer, then let us know in coffee lounge, email us (hello@hopeoxford.org) or send us a text (07971828408)

Hope Kids (Sunday mornings)

From Autumn 2020, we have introduced ‘Hope Kids’ on Sundays.

You’ll find the link here and it’s about 40minutes of action and activities for 5-11s, which we find are great to watch together with our kids.

Given the nature of livestreams and online resources, which can be paused, we set aside Sunday mornings for this to happen and with necessary breaks and activities, this is a great way to make Sundays special.

We’d love to see how you are getting on, so do send pictures of your creations or creativity and these may feature in the coming weeks.

Coffee Lounge (11:30am)

Coffee Lounge is a great opportunity to share life, catch up and introduce yourself if you’re new to Hope Vineyard. Given it’s virtual, we’re sorry we can’t actually provide the coffee! 

To join in simply sign up via the link below for the ‘ZOOM’™  meeting details. This means that we’ll know that you’re coming and can then welcome you in.

Home time! (12noon)

And if the weather’s nice, have a picnic or Barbecue in the garden or park with a few friends (socially distanced of course!!)

Virtual Life Groups

Life Groups are happening twice a month for adults, and weekly for the Student and Young Adult community via Video Calls, with the option to dial in too.

We do life together, looking out for each other, and encouraging each other as we take inspiration from the example of Jesus. 

Although this is virtual, our vision is for regular adult life groups to be either geographical or linked to a specific network (for example for students) as we value local connections. With Hope Vineyard life groups set within communities that already exist, we can support each other practically and reach out together.

Please contact funmi.akinola@hopeoxford.org to get involved in a Life Group.

Hope Media

A selection of playlists are below, and the full selection is on the YouTube Channel including our Online Children and Families resources (for more information on resources for children and families, email ruth.gardiner@hopeoxford.org).

Hope Talks Playlist

Sunday Livestream Playlist

Hope Worship Playlist

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